Miscela - Espresso Blend

By Empyrean Roasters

$15.00 $16.00

Whole bean coffee.  12 oz bag.   

The Italians proposed that good espresso is the product of four "M"s.  The grinder ("macinadosatore"), the espresso machine ("machine per espresso") are the two key pieces of equipment required to make exceptional espresso.  And the good hand ("Mano") reflects the skill and artistry that you, the barista, introduce into the process.  

The blend, though--the "Miscela" in Italian: that's the part that we contribute.  Our Miscela blend is our house espresso blend.  This blend has always been our obsession: we work to source beans and create roast profiles that yield a blend worthy of the other three "M"s that you bring to your espresso drinks.  

Our pledge, with Miscela, is to always provide you with a blend of coffee with a stable, milk chocolate base, and with a novel finish, usually a subtle fruit note.  The components in this blend change as we find new and interesting beans, and we constantly evaluate the final product, working to adapt the roast profile and blend ratio to the specific components.