We're discounting everything for our grand opening!

  • By Paul Green

We'd planned to go live this month--to open our webstore and really aggressively market our products.  We've worked hard over the past few months putting together some products that we love and are proud of, and were just about ready to hit the "go" button.

Then calamity struck.

My gut told me that it'd be a bad idea to try to open for business during a pandemic.  And so I'd all but decided to wait this thing out.

But then today I saw a follower on instagram post a picture of some coffee that he'd been able to find after searching around at a few places--that it was the last bag they had available.  There's no coffee shortage--but I realized that our business is exactly the type of business the people need right now: a small business with no employees, that can produce and ship to you in almost real time.

So we're open.  We'll roast weekly, and we will ship the day of (or after) roasting.

And for now, we'll ship for $5 anywhere in the US, or for free if you spend $30 or more.

And if you live in the Austin area, we'll deliver on roast day, for free (just select "Austin Delivery" as the shipping option at checkout!  We'll deliver to your front porch! 

Finally, for the next two weeks, every order is 15% off.  I know some of you are operating at a reduced income, and we want to be a blessing to you.  And if you haven't been financially impacted by the current crisis, I hope that you'll take the money you save on our coffee, and pay it forward to someone: give an extra tip to a food delivery person, drop a few extra dollars in the church digital offering, or order a bag of coffee for a friend and have it shipped directly to them!

Thank you all in advance for your support!

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